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Blue Posts: Blizzard Addresses Communication & Deck Slots

Deathrattle-focused decks have long been a favorite among Hearthstone players, and every expansion set has had at least some cards catering to this style. The Undertaker, introduced in the Naxxramas expansion, was originally a 1 cost card that, when you summoned a deathrattle minion, would gain +1/+1. Weasel Tunneler - Hearthstone Wiki Weasel Tunneler's effect can sometimes cause a glitch that makes the player's deck (on the right side of the board) to look like full even when running low or empty; when empty the slot is glowing orange as normal but cards are still visible. The Hearthstone Game State Protocol – HearthSim ...

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I use Hearthstone Tracker which requires my Hearthstone deck slots to be in a certain order to record stats properly - but since the Tavern Brawl... Decks are changing positions in slots ? : hearthstone Having wondered this same thing I've come up with a hypothesis. The deck slots are static. Example: You have 9 decks and want to make a new one. You delete your 5th deck and make a new one which shows up in deck slot "9". The deck is still deck 5 because you deleted 5 to make it, but it won't take effect until you log out/in again.

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We talk to Hearthstone's Ben Brode and Ben Thompson to talk about Unstable Portal, deck slots, and buying the wrong packs. Gameplay of Hearthstone - Wikipedia

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Blue Posts: Blizzard Addresses Communication & Deck … More flavours, more variety, more deck slots, more quickly. We actually have about 50 people on the Hearthstone team. The people you see in the credits make up theWe have to communicate where the people are, and in doing that we have to be dynamic and shift priorities around from time to time. Hearthstone splitting into 'Standard' and 'Wild' formats... |… Moving forward, new card sets will be added to Standard while others cycle out of play. Each Standard play year will be named after an Azeroth constellation, so this first one will be called theSteve Watts posted a new article, Hearthstone splitting into 'Standard' and 'Wild' formats, adding more deck slots. Hearthstone Is Getting Some Big Changes (And More Deck